Thursday, August 9, 2012

Live your life as the way you want it to be

" ... you shout it out, but I can't hear a word you say
talking loud, not saying much
'm criticize, but all your bullets ricochet
shoot me down, but I get up ...

Hi Titanium! :D
Long time no see! :)

Who loves to hear David Guetta's song? *wink* 
You know, Titanium is quite popular being covered among youtube stars now. Its mushrooming and showing up everywhere on youtube :)) but to be honest, I prefer to hear Sam Tsui's Titanium cover which collab with Kurt, rather than David ft Sia's ori version. xD DON'T ASK! I'm an accoustic-lover~ :P :P :P In case if u want to hear David's ori or Sam's version, u can find it here : David Guetta VS Sam Tsui :) and here is another titanium cover by Jason Chen. He is another fav youtube stars of mine :D

By the way guys, i did a lil' changed in my pages. I don't know, my old chat box just broke somehow so i made a nu one using cbox and moved it to the right bar. :| and i added some nu songs in the playlist! :D Hope u guys like it! :) Anyway, I just joined bloglovin If u've a bloglovin' account too, don't forget to lovin' this blog kayyy~ Just clicking my bloglovin pic in the right bar :D

Well, talk about live our life. We must not forget to always work hard in life, right? :) But do not forget to enjoy it too,guys. :D I & My fam love to go out every week-end together. :) Not intend to go on spree,okay. We just more concerned about spending time together and relaxing in pleasant way by walking out of the house, changing the situation. And thats fun anyway! :D :D :D Since we loved to enjoy the nature a lot, we often to spend our week-end around the beaches or any cooler places :D Thanks God we lived in place which have plenty of beautiful nature, so stunning! xD

Last Sunday, we spend our time in one of our fav places in Senggigi named Pasific Beach Hotel :D I love to go there! Not to stay of course :P just relaxing in their gazebo area and getting some snacks :) The place is very tranquil, completely awesome with their green park and their shore wind that blows a gentle breeze :D Their beach is not too pretty actually because they have a black sand :'( But its a perfect spot for seeing the Sunset! So Lovely ♥  Can't stand anymore for not taking pictures of them! :P Lets walking around :)


Thats a beautiful garden with bunch of flowers! I don't know what those big red flowers is named in latin, but local people usually call them cockscomb. They look similar like the crest of a cock, right. xD Lets zoom-zoom! 

Enjoyed a cup of sweet lemon tea while watching the sunset there would be so perfect!

Magic doors! Left for hell and right for heaven. Whats urs? lol

Pisa pine tree? :))

They have lot of beautiful flowers blooming everywhere. Remember my foliage & flower colections before? Half of the collections was taken from Pasific! :)

Model of the Day!

Don't ask me who it is! I don't know either. xD He just jumped out of nowhere when i took some photos around there and asked me to take a picture of him. Oh boy! :| But look, his expression is so funny! xD

Red dragonfly. Their colour are pretty eye-cacthing! Some of them flying around randomly when i'm taking some photos near the lotus. :) and i was so lucky can took some pictures of them closely :D Too poor that this dragonfly has a little torn on his left wing :'( But still, he's cool! :D

Stop. Thats the end of our tour, friend. :P Believed or not, i still haven't taken pic of the whole area. Too bad that the sunlight hidden somewhere before i finished the photo session :'(
Its true that Pasific Beach Hotel is not the best hotel in Lombok. Inspite of being built right in front of the beach, Pasific maybe just a 3 stars hotel with its traditional building design. Too far from Sheraton or other 5 stars hotel which stand around there. But i think its a worth place to be visited if u passes by. As far as i know, you will spend around $40 to $65 per-night for staying there, depends on the season and which room do you choose. Its not a bad price with all those pleasant, don't u think? :)

Ok then, see u next time! Ciao.

Regards, CY.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Stevia <3

      Yep! The place is just beautiful :)

      by the way, glad to have u here :)

  2. hei chintia.. im here again! so relax to read it! you take some amazing photo's, your photo's so beautifully, i hope i can take another photo's like you ^^
    Happy holiday chintia, so glad you share here ^^

    1. Hi Cici!
      See u again :)
      Thank u for ur sweet words dear! Really made my day <3
      You are a great writer, anyway. Just fall in love with ur story :D

    2. your welcome chintia^^
      you such a nice photographer, lovin your photo so much^^
      you read my story? wow thank u chintia, you also made my day♡

    3. I'm a new geek in photography, still need to learn more & more, but i'm happy u appreciate mine, thanks suci ♥

      Yep! sure i've read urs xD
      Its a bit sad since it have a sad ending, but the way u told the story was amazing, given a great feeling :)
      Can't wait to read ur next story! :D

    4. maybe i will download some photo's you take, ... can't i take it? ^^
      i'll use it for my background twitter kekeke, do you know? i already follow you on twitter ;)

      wow thanks >< if i have many time i will write again ^^

    5. Sure u can, Suci. Its okay :)
      U followed my twitter? LoL Thank u,dear xD
      I'll follow back urs :D
      Whats ur twitter name? :)

      Sure, I'll read ur nu story then! xD

  3. Hi, Cyn!
    Sori bales nya lama
    To be my GFC followers, di sebelah kanan blog aku cari tulisan Mis Amigos. Terus ada tulisan Join This Site. Tinggal di klik aja tulisannya :)


    1. hi Stevia :)
      Iya gpp :)
      Oh GFC Followers itu mksdny follow blogmu ya :P
      lol.. Sip2! Done :D

      Thanks 4 ur info anyway :D

  4. Loving the pictures! The hotel is so lovely, I thought it's 5-star! Keep updating, enjoy 'em to bits :)


    1. hi em! :D
      Yep! i Love to visit them often on Sunday, lol
      They have such a big area, but the facilities & services are not as high as those 5 Stars, maybe thats the reason why they aren't categorized as 5 :P

  5. seems like you had much fun! <3
    Don't forget to join my giveaway here :


  6. Thank u ayu :)
    I'll visit urs! :D

  7. Hi sis :)
    Wow u have captured some terrific and beautiful pictures. Love it ^^
    U should teach me how to use the camera the way you do. Cos u always capture the good pictures. I'm not so good on captured the right thing on the right moment like you do :p
    I love beach too :)
    I may go to that hotel someday, just for having a good vacation, relaxing.
    And.. having a cup of lemon the while sitting on the beach can be such a heavenly and enjoyable thing to do.
    I just want to be there.. Doing nothing for hours, just for seeing the beautiful sunset.
    Maybe u can me the way how to reach the hotel someday :)
    Okay.. See ya on another post sis ^^