Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Macro Photo :: Foliage & Flowers

Who loves macro photography? *raise your hand!* :D :D


Macro photography is the first thing which makes me being interested in photography a couple years ago.
In the first time i got my DSLR camera, i used it to take some macro photos.
lol, of course (as you predicted) those photos weren't great at all :P
I got so much confused about how to use the correct technique to capture the objects in macro using my DLSR *in manual mode* 
And i don't have any better lens to capture a better macro photo result neither, so...
okay. lets we see what we i could do with these 18-55 mms  - standart lens :|

Here are some of my old macro photo collections last year - foliage and flowers edition 



Some of them are my favorites. But as you see, they are far from good and lack of technique.
So please help to critics them.
Any comments would be appreciated! Thank you :)

Regards, CY.


  1. kembang merah sama kuningnya looo sukaaaaaaaa <3 <3 <3

    1. merah sama kuning yg mana tonk? lotus? xD

    2. eh mana tau ak sank itu namany kembang apa? wkwkwkkw.. yg km foto wrnany merah sama kuning, trus latar belakangnyaa langiitt, apa itu ya? hahahahaha

    3. hoo yang ad benang sarinya itu ya? aku jg ga tau itu apa namae~ hahahha:)) Iy aq y suka itu >,< Bunga e cilik2 :P

    4. Hi.. Its such a great opportunity to find your blog. I like your writing style, its so honest. I can't stop laughing when I'm reading it, your writing feels so pure n comes from the heart. Seems that your friends like your sense of humour too when you're around them, that's what I feel.
      Bout your photograph....
      I <3 it!!!
      Even if u said u weren't a pro, I still like it so much. They're so colorful and beautiful. U succeded on making them shine bright.
      Great job sis :)