Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Another year comes : The rain drops

Having loved & heard this Yiruma's instrumental song for many years but just found out that this song actually have some vocal versions covered by many talented musicians. This vocal version by 호소 (HoSo) is definitely my favorite (watch it on youtube : here)

Original Song by Yiruma & Vocal Covered by 호소 (HoSo)

너무나 사랑했는데 그때 무엇도 줄수있는게 없어서
neomuna salanghaessneunde geuttae nan mueosdo julsu-issneunge eobs-eoseo
I loved it so much, but I did not have anything to give

그렇게 그렇게 놓아줘야 한다 생각했어
nan geuleohge neol geuleohge noh-ajwoya handa saeng-gaghaess-eo
I thought I should let you go

몇년이 훌쩍지나도 가슴속엔 아직 그대라는 비가 내려
myeochnyeon-i huljjeogjinado nae gaseumsog-en ajig geudaelaneun biga naelyeo
Even after a few years, I still have you in my heart

우연처럼 운명처럼 만날수없는 거니 우리
uyeoncheoleom unmyeongcheoleom mannalsueobsneun geoni uli
We cannot meet like fate like chance

보고싶어도 그리워해도
bogosip-eodo neol geuliwohaedo
I miss you even if I miss you

비처럼 너는 아무런 말이 없는데
i bicheoleom neoneun amuleon mal-i eobsneunde
Like this rain, you have nothing to say

니가 없는 내가 너무도 안되보여서
niga eobsneun naega neomudo andoeboyeoseo
I do not seem to be so without you

미안하다고 하늘이 우네요
mianhadago haneul-i uneyo
I'm sorry

다시는 사랑할수 없나요 모두 끝인건가요
dasineun salanghalsu eobsnayo modu kkeut-ingeongayo
Cannot I love you again Is it all over?

이렇게 눈을 감은 기억한다 해도
ileohge nun-eul gam-eun chae da gieoghanda haedo
Even if I remember everything with my eyes closed

너무 늦었나요 너무 멀리왔나요
neomu neuj-eossnayo neomu meolliwassnayo
Is it too late?

nae salang-a
my love

얼마나 기다리면 될까요 그땐 돌아올까요
eolmana gidalimyeon doelkkayo geuttaen dol-aolkkayo
How long can I wait?

가슴이 너무 아파서 죽을 같은데
gaseum-i neomu apaseo na jug-eul geos gat-eunde
My heart is so sick that I'm going to die

사랑한 말도 보고싶다는 말도 못한 라서
salanghan maldo bogosipdaneun maldo moshan na laseo
I cannot even say I want to see love

이노랠 듣고 있는 그대여 용서해 줄래요
inolael deudgo issneun geudaeyeo yongseohae jullaeyo
I can hear you inside

비를 함께 맞아줄 나의 한사람아
i bileul hamkke maj-ajul naui dan hansalam-a
I am the only one who can meet this rain

다시는 곁을 영원히 네곁을
dasineun ne gyeot-eul na yeong-wonhi negyeot-eul
I'll be with you again forever

떠나지 않아
tteonaji anh-a
I will not leave

이렇게 사랑해 이렇게 사랑해
ileohge neol salanghae nan ileohge neol salanghae
I love you so I love you so

우리 먼훗날이 와도 많은 시간이 흘러도
uli meonhusnal-i wado manh-eun sigan-i heulleodo
It's been a long time since we've come a long way

사랑한 기억해
salanghan nal gieoghae jwo
Remember me you loved me

비를 맞으며 기다려
bileul maj-eumyeo neol gidalyeo
I wait for you in the rain


“The scatterbrain, is a little like, the patter of rain.
Neither here, nor there, but everywhere.” ― Lang Leav

Love, CY


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