Monday, May 4, 2015

Happy mind, happy person.

There's none any perfect life exist in the world. The one that only exist is our own way to conquer our life (no matter how sucks it was sometimes).

If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self. -Napoleon Hill

When some people claim their self that they have a perfect life, it doesn't literally mean that everything on their life is perfect and going well. Instead of it, it shows how good they could dealing with the 'unhappy' part of their life and through it well. Having a perfect life or the imperfect one is depend on the way we oversee our mind. If we think further about it, maybe there are some things that we need to remind ourselves :

1. You are not the most unfortunate and suffer person in in the world.
Don't be too excessive, please. World population has reach more than 7.2 billion now days and there's none single one of them have never experienced problems in their life. Everyone does have problems,  its just a choice whether they want to show it on their public life or not. And there are so many people out there who suffering from deathly ill, lost the life of their loved one, facing the cruelty of war, etc, which are have to bear their problems thousand times heavier than yours. So that, encourage yourself to be stronger. I don't say that you are forbidden to cry. When crying could make you feel better, go on. Just remember that you should not be sad for too long, particularly when your sad-me-time starting to evolve into depression phase. Yes, sometimes we feel uneasy with some problems we have, but lets consider it as a challenge that we must going through and keep doing our best to make it solved by the right way.

2. Be grateful on what you already have.
It commonly happens : we got too focus on the hapless problem thing-i, we forgot to count the blessings we already have (not to mention the other case when envy also began to permeate. Grass on the other side of fence is always greener, isn't it? oh yes. That is -mostly- our humankind basic nature. haha). You may have ever heard this proverb : above the sky there's always another sky. If you got what that proverb means, you probably won't mind if i add this : and down below there were so many people who can only dream to stand on the sky you're stepping on right now. What i want to say is we have to always be thankful on what we have, instead of what we don't or should have. Cherish, love and take care things that we belong to. Because once it lost, we may not be able to have it back.

3. Life keeps go on, be steady.
When life comes to you and brings thousand reasons to be cried, welcome it with your warm heart and return it with million reasons to be smiled. I do know real life is not as simple and easy as it looks on that one line. But truthfully, be happy or the otherwise, is a matter of fact which is (unwittingly) a form of our own preferences with the state of our mind. Our mind is the main controller of our emotions, desires and actions. It means when you could control your mind, you will control your emotions, your desires and your actions as well. Try to always be aware of yourself that no matter how severe your problems are or how tough do you feel to pass it through, it won't stop the world from spinning around the sun. Time keeps ticking and life keeps go on. They won't wait for you. Stop yourself from keep being stuck with the same problems, try both to think and do some positive things. Every time your mind start to walk out of your control, remind yourself that you will pass these, just like how you have overcame all your problems in the past. Get your worries away because humans are the creatures of learners. We do learn, we do solve. Everything will eventually be okay in the end.

You need to set a happy mind in order to live happily. Love your life and life will love you back. Do good, Be Good.

Love, CY