Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sometimes.. Life is rough. Embrace yourself.

there are some days when you do feel not okay. when you feel life go against you and you just sat there, try to digest everything happened while realized that there weren't much things you can do about it. waited and worried what life will bring you to. 

embrace yourself and wake up. there's nothing about yesterday you can change and there's nothing about tomorrow you can predict. just live your life well, improve yourself, do the best and be a better person.
for the rest, just let it be. everything will be okay.

when you feel like you’re lost, can’t be found
when you feel like the sky is falling down
no point in sitting and waiting around
keep your head up high, get your feet off the ground

just get back up when you fall
don’t hold back, free for all
you’ve come too far to lose it all
it’s too late to turn back

even when all your feeling is pain
even when things ain’t going your way
is a test that we all have to take
you have to fall before you can learn how to fly

if you’re falling apart, close your eyes
when you’re down, you can still touch the sky
your heart stops, but you still feel alive
don’t be afraid, fear only lives in your mind

- how to fly

 Love, CY.

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