Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Daddy, My Hero

a father is almost be every daughter's first love...

Many young women dream to be accompanied by their father in their wedding day. It is the most moving moment for father and daughter hand in hand, because father always protect his beloved daughter since she was child and in that day, finally he will hand on his daughter to another man who will protect and love her someday. This wishes also being Paige's dream. Yesterday, i read a true story review from a page in my facebook. I found it interesting so i ended reading the original source which told the complete story. 

Paige Eding is a 23 years old young woman which just held her wedding a month ago on 7 June 2013. Unfortunately, she can't made her dream came true to have her dad walk her down the aisle because she lost him 2 years ago on December 14th, 2011. Mark Winia, Paige's father, the chef who coached the Zeeland East High School girls' soccer team, unexpectedly passed away because of a severe pulmonary virus which essentially a fierce lung infection. That incident really giving shock to the whole family and change their life forever.

On December 1st, 2012, almost a year after her dad passed away, Paige wrote a post in a facebook page made by families and friends, dedicated to her beloved father. She wrote : "Wow Dad. Today I lost it. All day (I) couldn't help thinking about you, every second. And I could not help the steady stream of tears down my cheek. I miss you so much and it hurts like it was just yesterday. Thank goodness for Kevin, an knowing exactly how to comfort and help me. We love and miss you terribly."

On December 12th, 2012,
Paige's little sister, Danae Winia, wrote "Daddy, I miss you so much! I haven't posted anything for a while because I have been so out of it lately and I can't believe it's been a year an already! How did I come this far without you? I have no idea..... but you have taught me so many things in life as and I miss all of those memories! I wish you would just come back or that I could see you some how! But most of all, I wish that this Friday wasn't the first year anniversary for you death...... I live you so much dad, hope to see you real soon, 12-14-11 R.I.P"

Right on the 1st passed away anniversary of her dad, December 14th 2012, the entire families and friends was held a candle light walk from Mark's home to the cemetery. They share their memories and tears as their let sky laterns floated up into the sky with messages they want to send to Mark. They speak to him everyday already, but yet it still felt very special, powerful and meaningful event so they would like all families and friends to attend. 

On April 14th, 2012, Paige wrote another post : "Sometimes I have these dreams that things went differently and you are still here with us. Nothing has changed and you are so warm and so real. These dreams I could swear they are real I can almost feel the emotion of them. Then I wake up to reality. I miss you so much dad. It's days like these when I know you will be comforting me because today I'm so broken. Love you."

Right on the Paige's wedding day, June 07 2013, Robin Leigh Bartz, Paige's mother, also wrote a post for her beloved husband in the memorial page : "Today is the day Mark, I will proudly give our daughter away. Knowing Kevin is a great man, and Paige is an amazing woman, i know you will be there watching, Heather will proudly stand on your behalf. Much love, Robin."

On her wedding day, her grandfather took over her father place standing by her side. Right in time after her wedding ceremony, Paige requested to make a stop at the cemetery where her beloved father was buried. She is so overcome with emotion standing in front of her father's grave, dressed on her beautiful white gown on her wedding day, crumbled to her knees. That heart-wrenching moment was captured by Kari Wieringa, her wedding photographer from Michigan, unnoticed by Paige. But with Paige's approval, the photo which exhibit her deep love to her father, is permitted to be published online. Paige said it was okay because she wanted to have that lasting memory. She added, "It was a moment of longing and wishing for him. I was so sad that he wasn't there physically ... but I was also joyous. ... Through my family, he still lives inside of each one of us."

Paige believed that her father would have approved Kevin,
her new husband, the kind-hearted man who always be there for convince her facing the loss of her dad. She also said, "I've got my dad and my new husband. If she only took those two photos, I would be happy in life. Kevin and my dad, they're so alike. When's the sun's not shining they'll be your sun. It's a quality that I love to remember in my dad and that I'm so lucky to have in my husband."

I was deeply moved when I read her story. She love her father so much and she completely understand the meaning of the presence of a father in every daughter's wedding day. Yet, she could face it wisely.  Congratulations for the wedding, Paige and Kevin. I hope you both will have a whole new happy family :)

For you who want to read to original resource of Paige's story, u can find it here.

This song is dedicated to every daughter's beloved father in the world...

Always Be Your Baby
by Natalie Grant

You were my first love, always there for me
You taught me how to walk and how to dream
God gave me your eyes
But it was you who taught me how to see
Now I can stand on my own
But I know that you'll never let go

I'll always be your baby
No matter how the years fly by
The way you love me made me
Who I am in this world
I'm a woman now, not a little girl
Wherever this life takes me
I'll always be your baby

You are my hero and that will never change
You still can dry my tears with just a smile
The one I've leaned on
From my first steps to walking down the aisle
Now there's another man in my life
But I know by the look in your eyes

I'll always be your baby
No matter how the years fly by
The way you love me made me
Who I am in this world
I'm a woman now, Not a little girl
Wherever this life takes me
I'll always be your baby

Your faith, your love
And all that you believe
Have come to be the strongest part of me
And I will always be your baby

With Love, CY.


  1. yeah you're right, my father also be a guy who i fallin love w/ him in first time haha, cause he love me more and more than oters guy in the world (of course!)
    just hope someday can find a nice guy who take care of me like my father do hahaha but i bet never be same ._.v


    1. Aminnn :)
      Yes it is. It will never be the same :p
      But the most important things is if he can loves you sincerely and accepts you whoever you are, right? :)