Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Thousand Years


I got a bad headache and slight fever these several days so my mom told me for not being in front of lappie too much and take rest for some days
But take a rest all day is bored, isn't it? 

and i can't stand too long either for do not write any post here. HAHA
Ssstttt. Don't tell anyone,ok? *especially my mom* :P

Please forgive me as your only one stone-head daughter, mom! 

Anyway i want to share you guys this one song that i love to listen lately
But i guess most of you has heard this song already because it's on TOP 10 tracklist these back months 

Here for you, Thousand Years by Christina Perri :)


Heart beats fast 
Colors and promises 
How do be brave 
How can I love when I'm afraid 
To fall Watching you stand alone 
All of my doubt  Suddenly goes away somehow
One step closer 

I have died everyday waiting for you 
Darling, don't be afraid 
I have loved you for a Thousand years 
I'll love you for a Thousand more   

Time stands still 
Beauty in all she is 
I will be brave 
I will not let anything 
Take away 
What's standing in front of me 
Every breath, Every hour has come to this ....

And all along 
I believed I would find you 
Time has brought Your heart to me 
I have loved you for a Thousand years 
I'll love you for a Thousand more
I'll love you for a Thousand more

Such a really good song, isn't it?
Hope you enjoy it

PS : Hei! don't forget to pray for my super speedy recovery,okay? *justkidding* lol 
God bless you all. Nighty nite.

Regards, CY.


  1. Hi sister :D
    I feel sorry for u to be in sick condition on that time.
    But actually..
    I'm having cold and sever cough too now -_-
    It has made me weaker in the last few days. It's hard to talk to your colleagues or friend when u're having this kind of sickness rite :p
    O yaa.. Really? I loove this song to ^^
    It keeps playing in my mind when i was in down times.
    When i was so desperate and losing hope, suddenly it was played by itself.
    This lovely song gives me a new hope that "she" is still waiting for me somewhere. The "real one". ^^
    That i'll never running up of time to be with her someday. That she has waited for me for too long, and she won't give up on me :)
    It gave me new strength to stand up again.Cos i don't want she to wait for another lonely years, waiting for me. Me.. Who has wasted my life and time, chasing after the wrong thing, wrong person, wrong dream.
    I feel so bad knowing that i have made her waiting for too long T.T
    I should have known it before, that she was close to me. But i didn't realize it, that she was the real one. I let another thing distracted me from realizing the truth, that He has made me and her to be one someday.
    O yaa.. Hope that we can meet soon in ur island, I plan to go to Bali n Lombok next year. ^^
    See ya sis :)

  2. I can't wait for another 1 year ><