Friday, June 15, 2012

Sadness VS Happiness :: Which one is better?

Are u experience some dejavu after read those words? lol. Of course u are. That's a part of song lyrics by Demi Lovato titled Skyscrapper.  Do u like that song?

I do. *and i'm hearing that song right now* xD~
I don't try to seems melancholy for posting this kind of song in this mid of night,okay. Just wanna to hear this song again after so long time :D The tone just pass through my brain. So here am I, hearing it :P 

This song lyrics may tells us bout sadness and looks melancholy. but i love this song! :) Though looks a bit stiff, she keep trying to rise up. She prefers for become someone stronger than continue to dwelling with her despair. Isn't that a good thought? :) 

Hey. wanna see the continue? *its refrain part*

Like a skyscrapper
Hmm, its good if we can passed by our sadness by keeping our self on thinking something positive like that. Must be easier for facing it~ :P Anyway, talk about sadness. Have sadness ever came to ur life? Ruin ur day and make u want to pass the day immediately. lol xD 

Don't worry. Taste some sadness doesn't always be a bad thing. :P Lets try to think it positively.You have ever feel the sadness, u'll adding ur life experience. U have the experience, u'll always aware for not doing the same mistake. U don't make any mistake so u'll be a better person. Being a better person is good, don't u think? :)

So how about the sadness caused by losing something or someone we love like friends or family? 
I've ever felt it once before. Feels really sucks. Every day is wasted with grief and wondered bout why it happens so fast. :| 

Well. No one will ever ready - being left by someone they love. Its fair-minded. But if we think further, everyone will gonna leave this world, right? Sooner or later. Thats only a matter of time. What we could learn from all of these? 

 Appreciate and love everything you have today :)

The thing we really need to do is pass our day - in these short time giving to us - with the best possible things we could do. Do not complain too much *lots of people out there are more suffered than us* and do something better! :D~

People need to feel sadness for growing up and become mature.
In the other words, sadness is part of process in pursuing ur happiness :)

When u start to think positive, it is the beginning of tasting ur happiness :P You'll get more out of life, enjoying ur self and feels comfort. Thats just one part of lots happiness out there! Try to find some more! :D

*Keep it deep in ur heart and mind* :P

Ok. I'm done with my long~ mumbling about sadness and happiness :P
More over, its dawn already! *almost 04:30 AM in my local time*
Gosh, I have to do some work tomorrow and i plan to start it from morning!! *don'tknowwhattodo* @__@

Must i finished this post now?
Wait! >,<
I still have one pic to show for u. Happened when i took all these pic -__-

lol. There it is. :P My puppy bite the edge of those euphorbia when i played with him while holding the flower. I think he just want to sniff the flower so i let him come closer to euphorbia. Never think that he gonna bite it for sure. -_- 

By the way, Euphorbia flower means persistence in flower languange :) She bloom in the trunk full of thorns in her body and can survive in drought. Such an awesome flower. We must learn from her a bit :P

Well. Its time to sleep! -___-
See u later! :)

Regards, CY.


  1. Hii my sis :)
    We meet again hehehe.
    Oo.. So now its bout sadness and happiness?
    Wew.. I feel sorry for you, for losing someone and experience grief T.T
    O ya, may i tell u my story?
    It seems to be little bit similar to yours.
    I just experience the grief, then an abundant of happiness.
    Do u want to know the whole story? ^^
    Okay.. Here we go sis..
    I got a new gf on 9th July, 2013. At the first, it seems to be the right relationship. Everything works well.
    But suddenly I got sick, it makes me skinnier, and i got depressed and confused without knowing why.
    That's why my father doesn't allow me to drive my car for a while.
    And.. That's when the trouble arises. I wasn't be able to drive her home after the office hour.
    She starts to complain, but i can't do anything. I wasn't able to concentrate on doing anything, eventually driving on busy roads.
    The peak of the trouble happens when it comes the date of her bday. It was on the first week of Sep.
    I couldn't go to her party.
    She got mad, and she doesn't want to answer my text. Then few days later, she said that it's better for us to just being friends. Her parents forbid her to be with me too.
    Soo.. She broke her promises to be with me till forever.
    She gave me some songs:
    - Eveline - I Do
    - Yonghwa ft. Seouhyun - Banmal
    She also gives me a series of Korean video: We Got Married.

    U know.. She really broke my heart and soul. How can she easily forget bout the eternal promise.
    She made me fall down into depression and great grief. I also plan to end my life, cos i thought that I have lost the one. How can I continue my life being alone?
    But then.. Thanks to Jesus, He saves my life. The pastor give me a great decree: Isaiah 60.
    The decree says that the grief will be over, and the happiness will come soon :)
    It really raises my hope of having a new life.

    Then on 20th Sep, I got a new job as a financial advisor. The job is soo fun! I can meet many nice people. It makes me forget bout her. Then my father also allows me to drive again ^^
    And the abundance of happiness comes like crazy. I got a new job too at investment company. Both of them are freelance job. That's why I can do 2 jobs at the same time :p
    The income is unbelievable, 40 million Rp in just 2 weeks. It makes me think, what the hell is happening?
    How can I get the new client so easily? I just share bout the benefit, and they starts to invest their money!
    Yah.. Seems that I can get bout 100 millions at the end of this month ^^
    Oh ya.. My company is the biggest company in financial field. They usually give us free vacation if we can reach certain amount of money.
    If I can get 400 millions before the end of Nov, they will give me a free vacation to Budapest, Hongaria. And if i can get 800 millions, they will give 1 more free ticket.
    My target is to reach that level, so i can go to Easter Europe for free. Hope that i can reach 800 millions, so I can ask someone to accompany me.
    But now I already have no gf, so the tickets may will be in vain.
    The tour will start on the first semester of 2014. Hope that I can found a new one before the departure date.
    I imagine how nice is it, to have a vacation at Budapest. Many says that it's Paris of Eastern Europe.
    I love Paris ^^
    Do u mind if I ask u to pray for me, so I can be with the new gf before 2014 starts? :)
    I'll take her to Budapest if she doesn't mind bout the cold weather :)

    Alrite sis.. That's all from me for now. I have to help my mom and dad to cook for today.
    See ya ^^

  2. Oo ya. I like Skyscrapper song too. I have it on my BB :p
    Dejavu? Maybe :D