Thursday, June 14, 2012

Besties :: Four years giving us lots of sweet memories :)

Hello ther.

What are u doing today?
I'm quite bored here :|
I have to do lot of works, but my mood to doing it just lost somehow. 
Bad. My laziness is back.

I opened my photos directory, seeing back lots of my photo collections with my besties when we hang out together. I MISSED THEM. I miss those moments..

Cynthia 20th Bday in Resto V

Yuli 21th Bday in D'Cost Pakuwon City

Maria 21th Bday in Resto Tokyo

 Girls Shoes! Lets Guess. Where's ur shoes girls? xD

Lili 21th Bday in Golden Jade

Trying to act CUTE ~ lol 
Our pose is quite striking. Every person passes us always pay attention on us that time. haha

Shasha 21th Bday in Resto V

Girls Day Out Part 1 in Grand City

What do we do there? Of course. Going to HAPPUP.  Its KARAOKE time~

 " ... On sesangi hamkke michyeo
Everyone put your hands up and get your drinks up ... " 
(BGM by 2PM - Put ur hands up) xD

Ya. All of us love to sing.
U too. Don't u?
Every time we entered a karaoke room, everyone will going crazy! HAHA
English song? Korean Pop? Indonesian song?
We've beat them up!

"We're Rock!!" HAHA

We buy a dozen of winter jacket for making our own uniform though indonesia doesn't have any winter season. Its okay. At least it looks cute, right? *rawr*

Its almost christmas already that time so every mall start to display christmas tree on their entrance. We ended our photoshoot time. Captured some pictures there..

Girls Day Out Part 2 in Ciputra World & Myoungga

We're late to depart so we stop by in Ciputra World just for 30 Minutes. Well its better than if its cancelled i thought. At least we could gathered completely. Unfortunately Cynthia has another concern with her family so she can't going to Myoungga for dinner with us. Anyway, Myoungga is one of famous korean restaurants in Surabaya. Almost all of us are loving lot of things related to Korea, included their food. 

We order lot variety of korean dishes on menu & try to order a bottle of Soju (Korean distilled beverages)
No we aren't a drunken. We just want know how it taste :D

So. This is how we are before we drink those Soju.

And this is what happened after we drank Soju.

I Lied. lol
That's just some act we made. Like a drunken. 
Each of us just take less than a shoot. There's no way we'll getting drunk.
 But I admitted that Soju is quite strong enough making our face turned to red. -__-

Celebration for Our Graduation in DCost Kayoon

Four of our male friends, Cynthia and I were graduated that time. Six of us make a little party, inviting some of our bestfriends to come for dinner. Of course we don't forget to invite the girls! :)

*some mess - didn't let Devi to show up her face at the camera.

  *but she can make it* lol

*some silly face made by Shin & Cyn
 but they're still cute as always~  ;)

Anyway, I never imagine that they'll come bringing a cake and some souvenir for us!

Try to guess what is it!
Exactly! Its a Mug *yay*
It has a print of our face *those face which appear on our student card!* what a shame :|
But whatever it is, we still love those mug. It's a form of their care for us :)

Thanks friends for coming and gave those sweet chococake & unforgetable reminiscence for us.
We promise we'll never forget all of u. We are BFF! :)

 Some of them are on their way completing their final project now. Chasing deadline that falls on these 28th of June. *Yes. right on my birthdate* Hope they can do their best. Keep fighting and good luck! 
God bless all of u as always :)

xoxo, CY.


  1. OMG..i never think that you make all of this sank..that's cute...the words, the photos and especially the sounds...that's making me so miss all of youu MY GIRLS..i really want someday or may be soon, we can hav a crazy dinner like we do at myungg or may be a crazy pajamas party or crazy holiday together..
    everthing we gonna do together is VERY VERY FUN and youuuuu all...

    #sorry if i hav a bad english...wkwkwkwkwkw..:D

    1. Hi dev! *xoxo* :*
      Hihihi... thx for coming y! :D

      I really love all those moments with u girls, making me want to eternized and shared them here :(
      Huaaaa, i don't know when I can going back to Surabaya again :(
      Yet, we haven't carried out our plan before about pjamas party right?
      Not sure if i can join u girls to all those crazyness again *so sad* :(
      Hope someday we could met again completely somewhere else and keep our friendship till we're old! No matter who we'll going to be in future. :)
      Just like those 'SUNNY' story! :P

      By the way,Don't worry. My english is not that good too and i think ur english is quite enough for receive my THUMBS! Xixixixi :P

      Miss u all, CY ♥