Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Precious Roommates, Miss u Both

See u there *again* :D 
Two post a day instead. Don't feel bored with me, okay? Xixixi.. x)

Remember when i say i'm feeling happy today in my prev post? *not sure if u have read my prev post*
So i tell u again. I'm happy today! xD
Do u know why?

. . . . . . . . . . . .
No? Umm.. Sure? 
Tell me that u curious! 
Tell me, tell me, tell me~ xD

Ok. I don't  think u'll do that. 
I know. My story make u bored.
Just tell me the truth. Its okay :|

Well... I'll keep telling u though u're curious or not ;P
There are two things which make me happy today.

1. Cyris nu layout design was finished
U've seen these blog nu appearance right? What's ur opinion? Does it looks good? Is it too girly? Tell me. I've no idea if my design is good or not :| I've spend several hours to find an instant free template on web. Looking for a template which is simple, but looks lovingly. And I find none. :'( So i decided to use blogspot most basic template. The simple one. Love to be simple! I try to remake its basic appearance,  hope can make it looks more lovingly to be visited. :) I add some widget and ornament here and there, give some animation and turns it color with some pastels. Is it those falling flower seems a bit romantic? :p I want to adding some falling snow effect before. But it's kind of useless since i decided to use white colour as my background. :P And last element which is I'll not forget to add. Music. :) Do you like those songs in playlist? :) Its all piano version. Peaceful to be heard. *It reminds me to both of my old roommates who loves piano version too* It is just five songs for now. But i promise i'll add some another song next time for u :)  

2. Chit and chat with my old roommate
Though it may only a short casual conversation which end in some minutes, i'll quite happy can keep contact with those two :D Both of them suddenly contact me in the same day. Lol, look on how unified they are! :P I start to knowing them when i went to college before. Three of us lived in the same hostel located right near our campus. We are study in same university but majored in different. Almost 4 years being together with them,  living separate from parents, making both of them are like family for me. :) Leaving the hostel after graduation really makes me sick~ Feels so sad, imagine that i'll never come back to live there with them. *Missing both of u* :(

 They are pretty, right? :D :D :D~

That is Merin's bolster. Her favorite. She always brings him to accompany her in bed when she go to sleeps. Stefi loves to hide it to disturb her. There's one time she is not aware that her fav bolster has been hidden. *Of course stefi did it* ;P She went crazy when she realized a week later~ Hihihihi... xD 

Have u ever eat those fruits? fyi :: It's look like durian, but it's not. :D Those are the fruits which are Merin bring it from Samarinda, her hometown, called lay. That is my first time seeing and eating those fruits. Doesn't like durian, the smells is not stingy. And the flavor is similar with rambutan. I bet this exotic fruit only can be found in Indonesia :D~

 What is it? Honestly. I really want to ask the same question as yours. :| Stefi and Merin cooked it then capture it. Later, sent it to me. They want me for guessing what it is. But i never guess the right answer X__X Do u know what it is? HELP ME for guessing! They promise me they'll let me know the answer when i come back to Surabaya for taking my bachelor certificate. Yet, they never told me the answer when i came back to Surabaya a month ago. X_X Hey u! Ya, both of u there! Let me know the answer!! >,<

By the way, Merin ask me for editing that photos, to add some cute emos at those eggs. Representing three of us. lol~ xD Hey Merin! I've done my promise to u :D But i don't give any cute emos in those eggs. These silly emos match us better! Stefi with mad eyes *when scold merin*, Merin with misery eyes *being bullied by stefi* and Me with intimidate eyes *helps stefi for bullying merin* ~ *rofl*  Those are our BEST daily expression that time, i think. xD~ In fact, i want to give a wink eyes for my own egg before. But i don't do it. I bet both of them will scold me for giving those cute expression for my own egg. Especially stefi. Don't u, Stef? :P~

xoxo, CY.

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