Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Addressing a blog wasn't as easy as i thought

Huu yaaa!

How are u today?
Having a great day, huh?
Yesterday was my tiring day, but I'm happy today! xD
I hope all of you are happy!  :)

Here is my long-long-long story i went through when i named these blog url :| I was really out of mind on writing this blog so suddenly. I tried to start it with opening the browser - surfing the blogspot page - and clicking the new blog button. Then it shows the form to fill in my blog name and url i want.

OK. I did all those step WITHIN A MINUTE.

And then?
I stuck on searching an appropriate url for almost 2 HOURS! :| It's the longest time which i ever need to finding a suitable name just for an url blog X__X I never thought that finding a proper name which 'clicking' with my heart and mind will going this hard. :| Some names that i think i could use end up canceled because it has been used. I've try to find another name but none of them can make it. :|

I start to feel bored. So I randomly entering the blog which its name said has been used before. Just for fun, randomly knowing whose blog it is or what kind of article fills inside. Coincidently, i found some of them are blogs which have been created from long time, but they've never been used. There's no single posting hanging there. GOSH! :| Its a little disappointment when knowing that u can't wear the name because someone else has been using it, in fact it is not really has been used. :|

But never mind.
I'll found another name! *i think* :p

Honestly, i think the name which is i thinking before may just to general. Thats why lots of people may has been thinking the same name as mine. :D Hmm, why don't i just use a simple flower name and combine with my nickname? *clink*

After hunting for several times, finally i find a quite interesting flower name for me. Its iris :)

Searching of Iris

Seems my browser is quite mess-looking, right? But thx to uncle Google who have always answer my question! HAHA.. I choose Iris because its one of my zodiac sign flower. In my case, its cancer :D Iris have some meanings in her language. Her main meanings are faith, wisdom and valor :)

My summary of Iris meaning

Its an interesting flower, don't u think?I search out about her appearance too :D

How Iris looks

Hmm, a quite beautiful flower :) She has some various of pretty color. But i love the white one! xD Iris is a genus of flowering plants with showy flowers. She is one of Magnoliophyta division memIber and belongs in  Iridaceae family. In latin term, we called her Iris germanica. OK. STOP TALKING BIOLOGY TERMS! SOUNDS BORING~ *oops*

Back to addressing the blog. X__X
Its ended up with a name cyiris. CY for Chintia Yin xD
What did u think?
Is it a nice one? :)
or bad one? :(
It doesn't matter~
I still love this name! ♥ ♥ :p
Relieved that this name is not being rejected again by blogspot because its has been used. lol xD

So its my story. What's yours? :)

Regards, CY.

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