Saturday, June 23, 2012

Each photo has a story to be told and lots memories to be remember

Hei, I'm back! :D
after long long days ago.
Or not.
i just posted somethin' somethin' somedays ago,eh?

What a tiring day~ There are lot of works need to be done in these two days. It is 3 AM already and I'm not feeling well right now. So, please forgive me for making many mistakes today. okay? =P

I think its kind of happiness if we can help our family business :) though i think what i've done was just a little part of the whole part that my brother should do. Real business is kind of complicated thing -___- and now i come back in front of my dear lappie, take a look on my own project. Gosh. I've finished nothing. Really need to take a race with my deadline *again*

allright. complaining finished. *back to reality* -_-

Anyway, i promised u to post some of old photos bout skies and nature right? Tell me u can't wait to see it~ Be honest la~ HAHAHA *feels like a boss xD xD xD
*Stop dreaming, Chin* (¬˛ ¬”)-c<‾˛‾”)‎
I talk too much, eh? 
*opps, sorry*
i'll stop talking. 
but not now :P 

Here the photos. I make a short story within (not sure it will going to be truly short or not :P) for u
hei u. 
ya u. 
Don't yawn while reading it okay! xD~


begin with rising of the sun.... 

don't know why, this photo above remembering me one of mac's default wallpaper on my old macbook. they seems a little bit similar for me. lol xD

The sun start to showing his face and say hello to the world.

He smiles and standing high upper the mountain..

I captured it from the plane when i went home to my hometown. :)
I even captured a wing of wings air!  
 lol. wings air is name of the plane :P

From his place, he illuminate all the lands

here i am after fly down from the air~ HAHA
That is Lombok International Airport. Local people called it BIL (Bandara International Lombok). Its the nu international airport in lombok. Previously, the airport located in center city of west lombok. The aviation runway needs to being extended for bigger plane, but the city is crowded enough so they can't make the airport bigger. Thats why they must displace the airport to the central lombok. BIL is second biggest airport in indonesia. Let me be clear. The second biggest airport AREA in indonesia. Its true that the yard is so big. but NOT the building. i think the previous airport building even is bigger than this nu one. -_- 
Thats okay. Perhaps it is still on its development :) For me, its good for lombok for making such development on extends its facility for the residents. But I have to go through an hour drive by car from my house everytime I would go to this nu airport. Its quite far :'( Do u know? In the back days, I just need 10 minutes from home to reach the old airport T__T

and warming the sea...

The birds flying high freely enjoy his warm shine,

Trees facing up and waving their leaves replying his greeting,

I love being in place where i took those 2 photos above. Indeed a beautiful place. Its located in far up the cliff so u can take a look on whole sea and mountain in one place. include the sunsets!  what a heaven~ xD and the pink trees, *i don't know whats their name :P* i love them so so! Its not the sakura tree, but still seems similar for me :P Feels like spring time was right there with u :)

 and people are having their fun under his peaceful light.

Fyi :: The person who jumped in photo, thats my bro! xD I took that photo around one year ago. He told me for taking his pic when he jumped up in the air so it will look levitating. He jumped a lot so i could take the best moment. Once he jumped for the n-time, he twist his leg and yelling aaaaw~! lol. xD I immediately ran on to him but also with a laugh. Sorry bro, i was worried bout u but it still funny for me :)) but thanks God his leg is fine :)

 Until the world have been spending the time all day long, 
all living things say goodbye to him then he start to fall slowly...

He go home for rest, saving his power to protect us again in the next day.
He don't want to see us feels lonely so he always call his friend, Stars, for accompany us to sleep

- THE END - 

Allright guys, bedtime story has over. I almost fell asleep while typing here. lets go to bed. -_-

Don't ever feel lonely by ur own, because we always being accompany by sun in the day and stars in the night.

Nighty nite. :)

Love and care, CY.


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    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. wow those photos are so amazing! :O i love your blog, it has cute atmosphere, follow each other? :)

  3. Hi.. We meet again.
    Ahh.. I'm starting to fall in love with your writing style. U make me smile in the darkest hour of the day.
    Yap.. 2 o'clock.
    I got a nightmare and woke up again -_-
    Kyaa.. Lombok.. My dream island. So u live there?
    It would be nice to meet u personally when I spend my long holiday there next year.
    May we meet? It would be fun to see you :)
    (May you take me to the beautiful beaches? I love beaches, soo much :D. Especially when he goes down. Its like I want him to stop goin home.
    Please.. Just stay there for the next few minutes.
    Such a silly thing isn't it? :p
    How can a small person like me order him to stop =D ƗƗɑƗƗɑ..ƗƗɑƗƗɑ..ƗƗɑƗƗɑ =)).
    O ya. Just for info, I like to see stars too..
    Millions of stars actually :D
    But I live in a big old city, there's too many human made light. They absorbs the beauty of the cute little stars (╥﹏╥)
    I really hope that I can enjoy the lovely sunset and those little stars in your island. So please.. Do u mind if I ask u to be my guide? :D
    It would be lovely to just sit there and stay in silence for hours, just for being grateful to our Father, for giving us the chance to see it. ƗƗɐƗƗɐƗƗɐ "̮‎​​​​
    So the conclusion of your sky photo..
    I'll give 90 out of 100 for u. The rest ten is His right "̮ нɑнɑнɑнɑ...=D "̮ )
    Alrite then.. That's for now sis.
    I'm moving to the next page :p