Sunday, June 10, 2012

My First Post : Introduction

Hi there! : )

If this is your first time to pay a visit on this blog and you found this article, congratulations. You just found the first article i made on this blog. Let me send my warm greetings to you, thank you for being here.. :)

Here are some things about me and this blog.

1. I'm the only one author in this blog
Come till this far, i haven't had any plan yet to form a team for taking care this blog. I randomly made this blog as my personal interest. 

2. I have no talent as a good writer
I'm not a journalist. I'm neither have ever taken any activities in writing before. I studied computer science for my undergraduate study so most of things i have ever written were code, code and code. And the others were tons of assignment reports, included my thesis book. I have ever made a blog once, but it was also for assignment purpose only (which content's was densenly filled by Lorem ipsum *blabla*). So guys, you have to be proud because u are a num of people which is by lucky can reading my first article! HAHAHA *fine. i know its actually not funny*

3. English is not my daily language but i do love english
Learning english is fun! As the most popular global language, i thought mastering english nowdays is really needed. But still, my english isn't proper enough. I live in indonesia and i don't get use yet using english in my daily life. That's why i intend to accustom my self in using english for more, started by writing this blog in english. I hope it helps to enhance my english ability for better. 

4. What did you think about kind of articles i'll fill this blog with?
Did you just think about one of these : 
*Hi-end technology news. 
*How to master programming language in 1 day. 
*Secret recipe for becoming a genius programmer.
Lol. Don't worry. I am fully aware that my screwed english has made you dizzy already. I won't make it worse by writing any of those in here. =p
I do really love photography. Though i'm not good enough on taking photos like those pro-s, i always feel comfortable to dwell with it. You will meet bunch of my photo shots in here for sure. Any comment and suggestion from you will be my pleasure! :)
Ok then. My brief introduction has been done. I hope u guys will continue to try to read these blog although it probably make u a little (or much) bored. :'p
See u later in my next post! ♥ 

bear by chintiayin

Regards, CY.

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