Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hello June

Hi There.
Its June already. 
Time keeps ticking and we always running out of it. People use to treat time as their very valuable thing in life. That's why we don't want to lose every second of our time. But sometimes, we are too busy trying to use time as efficient as we could that we forget to live in it. And by the time we finally realize it, time doesn't coming back.
Keep on running
And you'll never get to feel the moment
It's like you're sleeping
'Cause you don't take the time to take it in

Like a train wreck you're on a mission
Tunnel vision got you blinded
Better slow down before you lose ground
It will happen anyway
Paint it over if your world is grey

Shut the window tight
But it's raining on the inside
Do you realize you're getting nowhere
That it's all laid out for you?
Cut the ribbon if it starts to fray

When you close your eyes to see the view
You'll miss everything surrounding you
Stop and just look around
Get up and look around

You can build your life right on air
What you need will always be there
- Look Around

Lets cheer for the stunning June!

Love, CY 

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