Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wait until u lose it, u learn to appreciate. Unfortunately, regret always comes late.

Hi mashed potato! =9
Its me again :)

And yap! its Saturday Night. :D
What are u doing, guys? :)

I'm sorry for lack posting :( I must done both my work in office and my english homework. Besides, I got a cough and slight fever some days ago. :| By the way, haven't i tell u yet? I'm taking an english course for an ielts preparation program in IEC. It just 8x meetings course and took 1.5 hours on each, but it has lot of homeworks which i must done in time. Thats quite tiring but i'm having lot of fun on it! The teacher is nice and has a great way in teaching. He makes everything looks simple and quite easy to understand. :) It is fun. Except the part which i found that my english - STAND STILL - horrible!!! I have a hard time in the first time i do the example of listening and reading of ielts test so i can't done it right way in the range time given. And though i can answer the question given in speaking test, i'm pretty sure that i still look a bit nervous when i answered it *facepalm* But its okay. Everything needs a process, right? *start-to-excuse-my-own-self* :P I always want to improve my english skill and i do believe it will get better. Even just a bit. *100timestongueout* So excuse me -lah. kay? :D

Actually, i plan to sleep faster tonight... But yaaa, it always be JUST A PLAN in my brain. A plan that have never been done xD I found that insom has stronger willing than my plan, lol :P Anybody has the same problem with me? Maybe u have a great solution for it? Tell me! :D

Anyway. Have u ever thought about appreciating every-single-thing that important to u? :) If u have never thought about it, maybe u must start it now. :) Do u know why?

Because time never stops spinning around. And in our life time, we do lot of things and we always faced by choices. Among of them, unwittingly or not, we may did something bad, we may made wrong choices, we may dissapointed the person we love or care about. And when we start to realize it, we already lost it. Everything just too late. What is left behind just regret and u have nothing to do with it. It makes us feels really bad and awful, right? So start appreciate, guys! :)

Daisy Flower. Symbol of Innocence, Loyal Love, I'll Never Tell and Purity :)
Remember. We can't turn back the time that has elapsed even if we want to.

PS : The climate starts changing now. Take care more on ur healthy guys. Don't be sick. See ya :) 

Regards, CY.


  1. Your English is good, be confident! And g'luck in your learning process :)

    Much loves x

    1. Hi Mandy.
      Long time no see.
      So glad seeing u came pass by here <3
      How's ur day? :)

      Anyway thanks for ur supports,dear! :)